Branch Manager Henderson

Tell us about your current role at Plumbing World – what is it that you do and what does your typical day look like? My day starts off with a coffee at the counter, talking to the plumbers who come in and just generally having a chat and catch up with how they are going and what is going on with them.  I deal with customers at the counter or I will pick orders that come in to me.  Some days I will be out and about seeing customers at their offices or sites or I might have to deliver something to them as well as catching up. What is your favourite part of your role? The great customers and staff that I get to deal with on a day to day role.  There is a huge variety of people and situations that I need to deal with daily and it ranges from the fulfilment of sorting a customer’s problems to enjoying a bit of banter with the staff or other people from PW around the country. What advice do you have for someone who wants to do a similar role to you? No one can do something worthwhile alone; we all need help from time to time.  Utilise the experience and depth that PW have around the country, this will help you grow in your role and will also help you when you need to pick someone’s brains on a sticky or difficult problem. Tell us about your career in Plumbing World: I have been with PW coming up to 14 ½ years starting in 2003, Started with Grey Lynn branch as Warehouse supervisor for 3 ½ years.  I came from an independent plumbing merchant not too far away from PW which I had been at for also 14 years.  I then with the help from my then manager started the PW MDP course and was about ¾ of the way through that when I applied for a role at Henderson branch.  At this time I did not get the role but continued on at Grey Lynn.  I then had the opportunity to apply for New Lynn branch manager role which I got.  I ran New Lynn branch for 2 ½ years. I was starting to get complacent so when Henderson branch came up again I applied and got the role.  I have been at Henderson now for over 7 years and still enjoy seeing a lot of customers from different branches that I have known for many years. Why do you love working at Plumbing World? There are many reasons why I love working at PW.  These would be in the top. When I came on at Grey Lynn branch I had a great manager, a sticking point he had was always family first no matter what was going on.  It was about 2 months in to the role that I found out we were having our second child.  With our first we had a lot of issues through the pregnancy and this caused issues at my previous job with taking time off.  Unfortunately with my second it was even worse, we had many, many issues throughout and spent a lot of time with tests and check-ups.  My son came 13 weeks early at 850g and was in hospital for around 3 ½ months due to complications.  Nothing was an issue, more often than not I was told to get out and be at the hospital when things were going wrong with no moaning about time off or anything.  This really endeared me in the beginning to PW as a company that looked after its staff.