Category Manager

Tell us about your current role at Plumbing World – what is it that you do and what does your typical day look like? My day can involve any number of activities.  I am responsible for the performance of my allocated categories.  To achieve success I must work closely with our key suppliers, meeting with them regularly and working together to ensure sales, profit and growth objectives are met.  I must analyse trends in the market place, understand our relative pricing position, monitor our profitability by product, sub-category and category, communicate to branches about their best stocking options to maximise sales and profit, and facilitate an appropriate level of promotional support to engage our regular customers as well as capture new ones.  In addition, I am responsible for developing our own brand offering in my allocated categories.  This means I identify opportunities, define the product brief and then project manage its development through to launch and beyond.  Overall, my role contributes to our goal of ensuring our customers perceive Plumbing World as their number one plumbing supplier by choice through the right product, pricing, promotion and placement instore. What is your favourite part of your role? I love identifying and developing a clear plan to take advantage of the opportunities.  I also enjoy interacting with all sorts of people within the industry – colleagues, suppliers, customers and other industry support organisations like Master Plumbers etc.  The plumbing industry is full of highly engaged and enthusiastic proponents for the industry making it thoroughly enjoyable to be involved. What advice do you have for someone who wants to do a similar role to you? Ensure you have excellent communication, negotiation and relationship development skills.  You need the ability to assess a wide variety of information sources and from this develop a clear, concise yet rigorous recommendation for action.  Another key success factor is having a passion for learning along many dimensions – at a product level, a product usage/installation level, as well as new skills and tools for improved category management. Tell us about your career in Plumbing World: I have been in the plumbing industry now for 8 years and have worked for Plumbing World for 11 months.  My engagement with Plumbing World has been continuous for the past 8 years and have always enjoyed interacting with Plumbing World staff at all levels. Why do you love working at Plumbing World? I love how passionate Plumbing World is about the plumbing industry and about developing excellence.  Its development of the Young Plumbers Club and the recent Young Plumber of the Year competition. The business also supports awards through Master Plumbers, ATT and other key industry initiatives.  In my previous plumbing industry role, I was recognised in 2015 as the Industry Supporter of the Year in the Master Plumbers Annual Awards, sponsored by Plumbing World.  This was a very humbling award to receive. One key fact that I love about Plumbing World is that it is owned by New Zealand plumbers and that its management is New Zealand based.