Retail Supervisor Mount Maunganui

Tell us about your current role at Plumbing World – what is it that you do and what does your typical day look like? I oversee the Sunny Mount Maunganui Showroom; we are a small team of 3 in a relatively small but stylish space. I take care of our larger clients, Housing Groups, High end design & builds. This frees the team up to assist with the everyday business. An average day is very busy and no day is the same which is refreshing and a challenge, typical tasks can involve, Client consultations, Quoting, arranging deliveries, product training, mentoring, coordinating Housing group schedules, collating specification packs, showroom merchandising and more. What is your favourite part of your role? I love the fashion part of our Industry, there is nothing more fun for me personally than helping a client select amazing bathroom fittings and guide them in the colour/Finish/Product selections, my passion is interior design and I love that I am able to express this creativity to some degree in my place of work. What advice do you have for someone who wants to do a similar role to you? Go for it, Plumbing World provides opportunity for those who wish to improve their skill set, we are in a growing industry which requires a high level of technical product knowledge so a degree of passion for the product is need and a willingness to learn and retain the information is essential, the role is diverse and fun. Tell us about your career in Plumbing World I am coming up 20 years with Plumbing World, starting my employment doing 30 hours a week as a Showroom consultant @ our Tauranga Branch, within 5 years I was full time Retail Manager overseeing 2 Staff, at around the 10 year stage I tried my hand at Assistant Branch Manager in Tauranga for 2 years until the position was no longer required, I then returned to Retail Manager to a growing team, until 3 years ago when I decided on a change in scenery and transferred to the Mount Maunganui Branch to put my own stamp on the Showroom there (change is as good as a holiday) which I continue to enjoy today. Why do you love working at Plumbing World? I love the people that I work with and the client base, we make our work lives fun when we can and even if there are stressful moments which in a busy industry there invariably are, you have fellow team mates to depend on. I am very passionate about exceptional customer services and feel supported by Plumbing World in this respect, we are given good tools in which to achieve this e.g.  Quality Showrooms, dependable suppliers and product lines and a happy workplace culture. I have always been able to manage my changing home life and any essential personal commitments with my work life, and Plumbing World has always and continues to be accommodating in this regard, which is most important to me.