Marketing Coordinator

Tell us about your current role at Plumbing World – what is it that you do and what does your typical day look like? My typical day involves receiving and collating information to produce catalogues, promotions and advertisements. Writing communications, answering queries and helping branch staff.  It can also involve sending out merchandise & promotional material, talking to suppliers and searching for information. What is your favourite part of your role? The variety each day and dealing with the awesome suppliers and branch staff. What advice do you have for someone who wants to do a similar role to you? Anything is possible; with the right coaching and training you can achieve great things. Tell us about your career in Plumbing World: I have worked for Plumbing World for 28 years and started doing data entry when the branches hand wrote the picking slips and sent them to a central processing centre to be typed up.  I progressed from there to looking after our shares and investment system, then moving to a pricing role. I have been in the marketing role for 21 years which has grown both in the role I do and the team members.  Promotions 21 years ago were a 3 paragraph memo involving buy a crate of pipe and get a bike or lawnmower. Why do you love working at Plumbing World? I love the people I get to deal with.  Many of them become friends, and our team feels like an extended family of uncles, aunties and cousins.  The people in my team inspire me to give 100%.  I feel very passionate about Plumbing World.  It’s a great company and I want to achieve great things while I am here. I feel very blessed to have such a fantastic job where I enjoy 100% of what I do and am always happy to come to work.  No day is the same so it’s always interesting and sometimes very challenging.