Assistant Branch Manager

Tell us about your current role at Plumbing World – what is it that you do and what does your typical day look like? As an Assistant Branch Manager my main role is to support the branch manager and the day to day running of the branch. I serve on the trade counter, lead our Health and Safety Committee, key accounts, customer visits, operations, mentoring staff, events, training etc. A typical day for me starts off by organising our vehicles for deliveries and checking previous day’s sales against budget. The main part of my day is focused on operations, sales and customers. What is your favourite part of your role? Working with a great team in a high performing branch. It’s the staff and customers that make each day enjoyable. What advice do you have for someone who wants to do a similar role to you? Ideally in this role you need to be a people person and strong operationally. Be able to set clear goals and be prepared for many challenges. This industry is definitely fast paced, so thinking on your feet is a must. Every day is different. Tell us about your career in Plumbing World: I have been with plumbing world for 5 years as an Assistant Branch Manager. Why do you love working at Plumbing World? I love working at Plumbing world because every day presents a new challenge and I enjoy how every day is different. I also appreciate the great support I receive from the team at our branch, region and support office. I work with a great bunch of people.